Our Business

Who we are

Rockwood is a leading South African private equity fund manager.
Rockwood comprises of a team of dedicated private equity investment professionals with diverse backgrounds and fields of experience who seek to maximise value for investors within a risk-managed environment.
Rockwood is the investment advisor to the general partner of Rockwood Fund 1.
Rockwood conflict of interest policy, FICA rules and a Treat Customers Fairly policy in place and that it can be reviewed upon request.


Rockwood's ambition is to be a successful, sustainable private equity fund manager.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition centres on the following core characteristics:
  • Proven deal execution capability
  • Team cohesiveness, resilience and tenacity
  • Consistently applied, focused strategy


To be sustainable as a business, we need to continue to manage money on behalf of investors. To be successful our funds must deliver attractive net returns and the team must exceed all investor expectations and requirements. We recognise our investors as our clients and put their interests first. We believe in open and honest communication, so that we understand our investors and have an alignment of interests. In addition, we recognise that our relationships with other stakeholders such as our people, portfolio management teams, BEE partners, debt partners, regulators and communities are vital to building a successful, sustainable franchise.