Portfolio Management

Rockwood takes an active approach to creating value
Rockwood seeks to generate the majority of its returns via an active approach to creating value in portfolio companies. Our executives engage with management on a continuous and collaborative basis. Before an acquisition is concluded, value generation strategies are identified that leverage our extensive experience in understanding what is likely to work and what is not. The mode of exit is also identified at this stage. The investment thesis identifies key drivers of value and is refined throughout the transaction process.
Once a transaction is concluded, particular emphasis is placed on implementing a 100-day plan that exploits the principal success levers as identified in the due diligence. Incentives align management with key performance metrics and drive quick operational wins consistent with the investment thesis.
Strategic growth initiatives are closely monitored over the medium to long term and are directed towards achieving a successful exit where the value of our investment is maximized.
Rockwood exerts influence throughout the life of the asset with Board and committee representation and through a collaborative partnership with management.